Business consulting, marketing and product marketing services for IT security products (hardware, software, services) are one of Topik Communication's key areas of expertise. Since the company was founded in 1999 we supported manny companies with a security portfolio to successfully market and sell their products through IT channels in Europe.


In the German speaking countries we even deliver - together with our partners - the full set of services required to build up and successfully run a subsidiary. Additional key elements of these services are sales, support, office and recruiting, essential building blocks for any solid market entry approach.


Our typical customers are either larger manufacturers that require our expertise and resources for a limited time or start-up companies. Very often these start-up companies have successfully offered their products in smaller local market or market segments and need to address new international markets quickly in a most cost effective way before the window of opportunity is closing again.


The list of security products and services we have actively supported in the last years and we have been able to demonstrate our capabilities and expertise are for example:


  • Firewall and IPS systems
  • Anti-Malware solutions (Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, etc.)
  • Secure communication products and solutions (VPN)
  • Encryption software
  • Certificate based authentications solutions
  • Digital signature solutions