Training Networking Basics

(Active Components, TCP/IP)


Type of training: Lecture / lab, with examination
Duration: 3,5 days (4 days)

Short description:



Active Components Cover

This course covers networking technology which is basis of modern enterprise communication infrastructures. Focus of this training is on technologies, products, processes and techniques that are the foundation of the internal computer networks.

The training is closely related to practice and covers a wide range of subjects regarding active networking components (devices). The course imparts the knowledge that is required to design, implement and operate computer networks for small and medium size enterprises.

Comprehensive labs and demonstrations are a major part of the training. Besides theoretical know-how the participant of the training has the chance to gain some practical experience with modern networking technology.

In the course of the training the participants build step by step, a network infrastructure that in size, structure and functionality represents the network of a mid-size enterprise.

Manufacturer independent know-how and the use of devices of different vendors in the labs are further important aspects of the training.
Target audience:

The training is suitable for example:


1. as foundation course for technical employees or professionals like:
  1. resellers of IT and communication products
  2. service personnel of system integrators and end users
  3. system administrators and prospective network administrators
  4. electricians with a focus on network technology

2. as training for technical sales people working for manufacturers, distributors and system integrators


3. as introductory course on an important part of any company infrastructure for (prospective) managing personnel
Course material: - presentation / set of Powerpoint slides (for instructors)
- printed slide set (for students)
- lab guide
- printed multiple choice test
- printed multiple choice test with answers (for instructors)
- CD / USB memory stick containing all course relevant software, drivers, firmware and product information
Language: The course can be delivered in English and German language.
Overview course content: - History of computer networks
- Networking basics
- OSI model layers 1 & 2
- Ethernet basics
- Network adapters
- Hubs and repeaters (Ethernet)
- Switches (Ethernet)
- TCP/IP basics
- Network management overview
- Managed switches
- Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
- IP routing / layer 3 switching
- Access router
- Installation and maintenance (operations)
Overview labs and exercises:
- Installation L2 switch, access point
- Connecting power and cables
- Reading LEDs of active components
- Configuration of IP parameters
- Configuration using the serial interface (console port)
- Configuration using the web interface / Telnet
- Checking of configuration settings and statistics
- STP/RSTP setup
- Configuring VLANs
- WLAN access point setup
- Configuration of WLAN point-to-point links (optional)
- Connecting LANs using a central L3 switch / router
- Internet access (Access Router)
Prerequisites (participants):
- Basic PC knowledge
- Computer / laptop with serial interface or USB to RS-232 adapter
- Terminal software supporting the serial interface
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